8 Skills Students Learned Outside of the Classroom


“Auburn men and women cultivate an environment of authenticity and genuine kindness that easily lends itself to this skill.”

“Coming into the working world from Auburn can be a very big culture shock but something I carried with me was my desire to work hard, be professional and genuinely invest in those around me. In doing so you foster a lot of great working relationships that carry you farther in your career.”

“I definitely believe my professionalism was something that set me apart from other students during my internship and was a skill I learned from just interacting with my fellow auburn classmates. I would go as far to say that this is our stigma when you hire an Auburn student you know you’re getting a young professional, someone worth investing in.”

Maggie McCabe – PATIENCE

“Throughout much of my young adult life, I’ve had experience working with children. Through working at camps, coaching swim teams, and lifeguarding, I learned very early on how much I love children and love being around them. But anyone knows that children are not the easiest to handle at times, and those experiences taught me patience. Without it, I couldn’t have handled each opportunity smoothly.”

“Looking now toward my future I have a passion not only for marine biology but for education as well. With education comes the act of patiently describing and detailing to people of all ages how important our oceans are. And without this important skill, I wouldn’t be able to strive towards my passion marine conservation.”

Bri Thomas  – ALONE TIME

“In college, it’s really easy to get caught up in social events, class, work schedules, and involvement.”

“It’s simple to lose your sense of self and peace in the crazy whirlwind of college. I learned this lesson during my freshman year when I was actually juggling six different involvement opportunities on top of classes. I didn’t take any time to stop and make sure that I was okay.”

“Since then I’ve learned to balance my time and appreciate the time I get to myself without any distractions. ”

Julie Tewell  – INDEPENDENCE

“I’ve always been pretty independent, and my parents have definitely always encouraged my siblings and me to go off and enjoy things on our own, but coming to college taught me a new kind of independence I hadn’t known yet.”

“Having my parents live 14 hours away and then in a different country half the year, and siblings 10 hours away, I came to college unafraid to navigate an airport and travel across the country alone, unafraid to make a full day’s road trip home, but somehow I was afraid to call the doctor.”

“I had to learn to do new things on my own that I was so used to having my parents help with; making meals (not from a box), scheduling doctor, hair, car maintenance appointments, etc. I had to learn to adjust to handling those day to day tasks that naturally come along with becoming an adult, which ultimately helped me grow to be a more independent and knowledgeable person.”


“Before I became a Camp War Eagle Counselor I didn’t understand the impact that my attitude had on people. I don’t know why it never clicked with me, but I guess it was all about me and how I was feeling.”

“In counselor training, we had to learn to “Choose our attitude”. I tried my best to work on “choosing my attitude”, but it just seemed fake. I didn’t feel like I was being myself until our first summer session. I didn’t even know that I was choosing my attitude. It was like this switch that went from, “It’s incredibly hot out today and I have pit stains. Life is hard.”

“It was at that point I knew I had a passion for camp. When you have a passion for something there is no faking. You perform to the best of your ability, not because of the check or the glory, but because you love it.”

Brice Messerly – PASSION

“Through my involvement with Auburn University Dance Marathon, Camp War Eagle, and Successfully Orienting students (SOS), I’ve been able to meet people that are extremely passionate about their involvement.”
“When a team full of people passionate about a certain goal come together, I’ve seen incredible things happen.”

“For Dance Marathon, I’ve seen our organization be able to raise over half of a million dollars in one year for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital because the staff did everything in their power to help the miracle families. Through Camp War Eagle and SOS, I’ve seen counselors come together to welcome freshman and transfer students with excitement while comforting the worries that they may have because the counselors loved Auburn University. Neither are easy tasks, but because the team had a shared passion, great things were able to be accomplished.”

“I’ve taken that skill to the classroom with me to make sure that I am passionate about what I am studying. This has helped me increase my motivation to pay attention and do my work for my classes because I am passionate about my major, and I want to learn everything I can about it before I leave Auburn. I have become a huge supporter of choosing a major based on what you are passionate about rather than something that might seem logical or may make you money.”

“If I am doing something that I am passionate about for the rest of my life, then the rest will just fall into place.”

Taylor Johnson – MARKETING
“When I joined a fraternity as a Freshman, I thought of them as strictly social entities. I never imagined the skills and insight I would develop within the organization. I grasped a marketing skill set through my service in setting up multiple philanthropy events, recruiting new members, guiding the chapter towards a certain direction and various other chapter related services.”

“Quite simply, there are just some things that you can not learn in a classroom.”

“I love being able to talk about my past experiences in job interviews and elaborate on how I developed a sponsorship packet to attract donors to invest in our philanthropy events or advertised for recruitment events to incoming freshmen – all of which are skills indicative of a mindset future employers wish for prospective employees to possess. ”

“I use these skills daily in all endeavors I seek to accomplish, as I now better understand how businesses and institutions operate, what they look for, and how to best achieve any goals or aspirations I may have representing organizations, seeking future employment, etc.”

“I am so thankful that Auburn has not only given me an education of the highest caliber but also developed me into the person I need to be to go out into the world and achieve the goals I have set for myself.”

Amanda Lawson  – WORKING IN A GROUP

“A skill that I obtained outside of the classroom is how to work well in a professional group setting. While working in the First Year Experience Office as a Head Parent Counselor I was thrown into various situations where I had to participate in group projects to prepare for the many orientation sessions. Whether it was putting together a presentation or having to plan out logistics, I was required to work with my co-workers to get the job done.”

“Having gained this important skill outside the classroom, I can now use it inside the classroom. Currently, I am a part of a research group that is charged with creating a research proposal before graduating this May. If it had not been for my prior experiences of working with others professionally, I honestly don’t know if my group would function as well as it does now.”

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